How Getting a Divorce May Hurt Your Credit

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Did you ever think that your divorce can destroy your credit rating? If not, think now.

Yes, it happens. Sometimes, during the course of the divorce, the court orders one partner to keep paying the creditors’ until the divorce is final. Suppose you are not in talking terms with your partners, then how would you know if your partner is paying up or not?

Well, in this situation, Oakville family lawyer are a boon! Most of the couples who are getting divorced have joint debts and this results in their credit ratings being linked. Even after the divorce, if your credit ratings are bad, it’s hard to move on with life. The divorce can also lead to other irresponsible financial behaviors in both parties. You should start becoming aware of how your divorce can affect your credit rating and the effects of a bad credit rating.

Will my Divorce hurt my credit?

Do you still believe that once your divorce is final, you and your partner won’t have to joint financial responsibilities? Well, it’s wrong. Just because your divorce is final, it doesn’t mean that both you and your partner will act responsibly. That is where Oakville family lawyer come into the picture.

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Court orders aren’t a sure-fire way of protecting your and your partner’s credit ratings. Once you have signed any legal agreement with your partner, you both have a responsibility to pay your creditor. Courts usually don’t change these agreements unless there has been an unlawful factor in the agreement. Even changing thee contracts require the agreement of all the parties, you, your partner and the creditor.

Your credit scores are drastically affected if your ex-spouse does not pay the creditors. The only way to get off the binding agreement is to refinance it or pay it off fully.

Your Divorce Decree is Ignored by the creditors

The disadvantages of having a bad credit score are limitless—you have to pay more to borrow money for mortgage or an auto-loan. The family lawyer Calgary know that the creditors are least bothered about your divorce and that it doesn’t affect the way creditors work.

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Steps to protect your credit score

  •   Be aware of any and all the joint accounts you and your partner have. The ones you have to pay back are the most important.
  •   Get your credit reports from some of the major bureaus which give your credit report.
  •   Oakville family lawyer suggest that you should close off any and all joint accounts you and your partner have together. If there is an account for which you have to make payments, divide the debt equally and close that account.
  •   Suppose you don’t have any credit, get a credit card right away and build some credit history.
  •   If you have a joint mortgage to pay off, decide whether you want to sell the house and pay-off the mortgage.
  •   Make sure that you and your partner do not have any financial obligations together.

Talk to Oakville family lawyer to find out if your divorce will be shown in your credit report. For more information click here!

What do when you find that your spouse is cheating on you?

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When we find out that our spouse is cheating on us, the only thing that comes to our mind is taking a divorce. However, there are other things too that we could think upon. So, before getting into the court and filing a case, you should look at it differently. Here are a few things that you will have to think about in this case of a cheating spouse.

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1. Do you realize how did you come to know about this entire thing? Did he tell you about it or you came to know about it by your sources?

2. Do you need to find out how many times it has happened?

3. The third and the most important thing you will have to ask yourself is that, do you even want this relationship back? Could you ever trust him again?

You can take your time and can think and rethink about it. Find the answers to the questions stated above and if you think that you could not trust that person again, it is the time that you should move and go to the lawyer.

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Here are four tips that you should follow if you are trying to file a divorce case:

1. Even if you file a case in the court, the court will ask you to compromise in the first place. So, better do it at home only. We are not saying you to comprise, but you should at least try to fix the things between both of you.

2. When it comes to legal procedures, mediation is one of them. It is one of those processes where a third party will assist you to solve the dispute, you need to cooperate with it.

3. The arbitration process is also similar to it and you should do it nicely with your lawyer present.

4. You need to go through the court system in the right manner. It could either be done with your lawyer or you can do it by self-representing yourself.

If you want to do it by self-representation, then you can consult the lawyer and can take training for this.

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Here are some family law tips that you should know and follow:

1. First of all, be calm and don’t just decide on getting a divorce from your cheating spouse. There is no rush and you can think about it patiently.

2. Don’t try to be emotional. Your emotions to are just like other things. So, take them in that manner only.

3. If you want to talk about it to someone, you can better write about the things that come to mind. Maybe after considering everything, you can feel better and can get back to your spouse. 

So, these were all the points that you need to understand and follow if you think you have a cheating spouse. You will have to understand that after this you can start fresh.  

4 Reasons Law Firms SEO is Imperative for Success in Legal Sectors

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Every digital company out there is making a huge deal of SEO, and law firms are no exceptions. Today, almost every law marketer is wholeheartedly investing in PPC and Law firm SEO expert to ensure more conversion.

However, why the huge rage? Is SEO really the game changer when it comes to online marketing? Well, to get the answer, this blog will illustrate why SEO is imperative for every law firm today.

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Read on:

  1. Your Competition Does it

If you’re dubious whether to invest in Law firm SEO expert then remember this, your competition is doing it wholeheartedly. Your competition moreover, is thus, up to date with what’s relevant in the legal system today. As a result, they are using the most effective tactics for garnering clients and leads.

So, if you’re not investing in SEO, your website would be less likely to get CTR’s than your competition’s which is using all the tactics to garner clients for it.

  1. WWW is the Prime Source of Lead Generation

“Unless you’re popular, people won’t look up to you.” This statement lies true for social life as well as online business. Fortunately, to get popular on the web it’s easy, thanks to SEO. Now, you can’t always expect customers to have legal lawyers on speed dial.


Hence, the web is the breeding ground for legal firms, as most clients tend to search these online. Now, naturally, when it comes to finding a reputed firm, customers would like to pick one that comes on top of the SERP. A popular saying goes; the site featured by Google is undoubtedly more secure and reliable.

With a simple investment made in Law firm SEO expert, you can ensure that even your legal law firm will feature at the top of Google’s SERP. As a result, more people will click on it and help you get assured organic leads. Just make sure to pick a reputed SEO company that is well-versed with Google’s changing algorithms and has the insight to correct SEO strategies that can help your law firm rank high.

  1. Local SEO is a Need

Another benefit of Law firm SEO expert is that it helps to find local customers. For major law firms, local SEO helps use location wise keywords that are placed strategically and categorically to help a website rank. So, suppose a person opts for a criminal lawyer in Michigan, then he/she will find out law firms that feature Michigan at the top of SERP.

Thus, with a proper strategy, local searches, including voice searches help find local law firms, that improve ROI and garner leads that turn into customers.

  1. More Credibility

One of the many reasons to invest in an Law firm SEO expert is that it gives law company credibility. As part of building SEO, URL, and links, most SEO companies’ advice firms to go for content creation. Content creation involves providing credible knowledge on several law bas4ed topics, or a company’s legal specialty etc. that helps build more credibility.

So, now do you see why it’s vital to invest in lawyer SEO? Thus, hurry and find a suitable company with SEO magic in their hands to help you build more conversion and gather needful leads for your law firm today.

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5 Myths You Were Told By Family and Friends About Child Support

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1) There is no obligation to pay child support if the children stay 50-50 with the parents

This is not the case. Children spending more than 40% of the time in each parent’s house is referred to as shared parenting. In such cases, child support can vary from the child support guidelines. To determine child support obligations, each parent’s income should be determined, and the child support obligation should be set as per the Child Support Guidelines. The ‘set-off’ amount of child support is determined by subtracting the lower support payment from the higher payment. For instance:

Parent 1 obligation amount: $500

Parent 2 obligation amount: $250

Set-off support – parent 1 pays $250

The last step is to determine if the children’s standard of living will be similar at each parent’s house. This helps in changing the set-off support amount. TO understand more about the offset amount, family lawyers Richmond Hill are available in towns like Richmond Hill who can help with the calculations.

  1.   2) After sending income information, Family Responsibility Office (FRO) will change support payments and stop child support payments when the children reach the age of majority

This is not true. FRO do not have the authority to change the support being paid without an amending order, agreement, consent of both parties. Also, they don’t have the authority to re-evaluate child support obligations. If a parent’s child support obligation has ended, the recipient can file for withdrawal from FRO so that enforcement is ceased with immediate effect. To understand more about the role of FRO, contact a family lawyer near Richmond Hill.


  1.   3) Child support obligation changes as per the support recipient’s income 

This is true for most of the times. On the off chance that the children spend over 40% of their time in both the parent’s house, at that point a set-off of child support, as depicted above, might be suitable. On the off chance that the youngsters spend under 40% of their time with either parent, at that point, the primary caregiver’s wage does not influence child support. The support recipient’s pay is considered in deciding each parent’s commitment to the children’s section 7 for extraordinary expenses. These expenses are regularly paid proportionately to parent’s salary. The relation between the wage and support amount, consult a family lawyers Richmond Hill who can help with the intricacies.

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  1.   4) I, or a third-party, can control or screen how child support is spent. On the off chance that child support isn’t utilized to buy things straightforwardly for the children, I don’t need to pay

This is not true. Neither the support payor nor a third-party agency can control how child support is spent by the support recipient.

  1.   5) If my ex receives child support from another individual along with child tax benefit, this will reduce my obligation to pay child support

This is not true. If your ex receives child support from other individuals, this will not affect your obligation to pay support for your biological child. The amount of support paid to stepchildren might be affected if you are standing in the place of a parent i.e. Loco parentis. More on this can be consulted from family lawyers Richmond Hill.

As per the Child Support Guidelines, the support recipient’s receipt of child tax benefit has no effect on the obligation of the payor of the child support obligation. Family lawyers Richmond Hill available near towns like Richmond City can help you to understand your rights and obligations.



Few things about parental alienation in a divorce

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Every child is special for his parents and in the same manner, the child loves both his parents equally. It is very for him or her to select one between the two, but in the case of divorces, it becomes kind of compulsory. The situation can become even worse if any of the two parents try to manipulate the child by saying bad things about the other one. Here are a few things you need to know about parental alienation as suggested by Oakville divorce lawyer and the tips you should follow in order to protect yourself.

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Examples of such cases

When a couple decides to get a divorce, the person that got affected the most is their child. This not only changes the lifestyle of the child but his mental and physical state too. Worst happens when the child faces a manipulation from one parent. The mother or father tries to keep the child away and against the other parent. This is the weirdest situation as many divorce lawyer Oakville suggest, one can ever face in his or her life. Choosing between your parent is not just difficult, but next to impossible. These manipulative attacks can affect a child’s mind adversely.

Protective measures

The duty of a parent is to develop a special bond with his child so that at the time of need, the child does not have any hesitation while confessing things. There should not be any kind of fear or feeling of anxiety in them. They should feel free and should be comfortable in asking any question. You should always encourage them to speak openly and should not keep things in their mind that bothers them. This is very necessary to clear all the misunderstanding that the situation has created. If your child is speaking something bad about your ex, do not use this as an opportunity and rather clear things out. When such things happen the situations obviously is not good, but never lose your authority. This thing must be there in your child’s mind that even in the worst situations, his parents are still his guardians.

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What to do when you come to know about it?

This is very bad at a child’s part that he has to choose one from his parents, but no one can go against the laws. There is a possibility that your ex is trying to manipulate your child by simply speaking badly about you. If you will try to speak about this to your ex, this could turn out into a bad argumentative discussion, which obviously no one would like to indulge it. It is advisory to talk to your lawyer about such things. When you will bring this matter to your Oakville divorce lawyer’s knowledge, then he or she can suggest you the further steps to be taken. Your family lawyer can further bring this in the knowledge of court and maybe because of that the terms of parenting can be changed by the court. In a nutshell, we can say that if you really want to save your child from the bad influence of your ex, you must file a complaint against it in the court. One can hire a Oakville divorce lawyer in such a situation.

These were few of the things that one must be aware of parental alienation.



Youth Justice System: How To Navigate It in Toronto

The criminal justice system is daunting to look at and facing it, either as a parent of a young person who is charged with an offense or even as the youth themselves, incites fear and uncertainty, to say the least. For many charged young youth, their first brush with the criminal justice system is in the form of a youth offender.

As the best criminal lawyer Toronto, there are a lot of questions which we have come across and at the start, it should be said that- It is normal to have a lot of questions and some of the most common are:

  • Is it possible to get this charge off me?
  • What will happen to me if I am found guilty?
  • Will I be treated as an adult in court? Will I get the same punishment as adults do?

And the most asked-

  • What can/should I do next?

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The Youth Criminal Justice System

At the very beginning, it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind that the criminal justice system treats its youth very different than it does adults. What this can potentially mean for you depends on the intricate details of your case in question.

The youth criminal system actually uses a very special set of rules regarding the procedure conducted and the subsequent sentencing for corresponding juvenile charges as explained by best criminal lawyer Toronto. There is an acknowledgment that minors do have different life circumstances than adults do and as such their motivations for committing crimes stem from different needs and motivations in comparison to adults, whether they are found guilty or not.

When you will seek to advice from us, we will make sure to establish an open two-way communication which will allow us to know all about your case and for you to know all about the options that you could be presented with-

The case points to be discussed are:

The role of the parents in the youth’s life

For many youth clients, the parents are crucial in every step of the process. The judges will want to know about the kind of support the youth receives at home as well as what kind of supervision the parent will provide during the process as well as afterward.

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Completely understanding the situation and rights

Many young clients don’t fully grasp the consequences of their actions or even the fact that actions like bullying, vandalism, shoplifting and such are against the law. Our best criminal lawyer Toronto will make sure that you understand what you are going to face so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Alternative Opportunities

It is possible to avoid incarceration through a number of means like counseling, community service, drug treatment or restitution. Your charges could also be withdrawn once you have completed alternates forms of consequences. The system focuses on education and rehabilitation rather than punishment and incarceration.

So if you want to seek legal advice on youth felony, charges and as such, we would suggest that you get in contact with our best criminal lawyer Toronto who can help you out.


Important Details About NAFTA Professionals That You Need To Know About

NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement is basically a mutual agreement which is signed between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It creates a trilateral trade bloc in North America. This particular came in action in the year 1994 on 1st January. This particular agreement among these three countries is, in fact, the largest free trade agreement. Having said that now let us explore some of the important details about NAFTA professionals.

About NAFTA Professionals

As already mentioned above the NAFTA professionals category is a mutual agreement that has been signed by the three main countries of the world. Based on the profession of an individual, he or she may have to provide his or her educational credentials or proof of work experience in the particular field. There are also certain requirements that the NAFTA professionals need to fulfill which can be discussed with an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

NAFTA professionals are required to have a pre-arranged service contract with or an employer in Canada in a field that matches with their educational qualification along with one of the eligible NAFTA professions. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that individuals who are willing to perform self-employed work in Canada are not considered to be eligible under this category. The requirements that are required to be met are discussed below. If you face any sort of trouble with this then you can also hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto to help you out.

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Requirements for NAFTA Professionals

NAFTA professionals who are willing to work in Canada are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The person needs to be a citizen of Mexico or the United
  2. The profession of the person should fall under the list of professions as prescribed by the NAFTA.
  3. The person needs to produce his qualification details in order to work in that particular profession. The person can produce his or her certificate or degree.
  4. The person is required to have a pre-arranged employment with a Canadian employer.
  5. A person should have a provision of professional level services in the field of qualification.
  6. A person also needs to meet the existing immigration requirements in order to gain temporary entry.

These are the main requirements that are required to be fulfilled by a NAFTA professional if he or she wants to work in Canada.

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NAFTA Professions

NAFTA professional work permits are going to be provided for the following professions:

  1. General
  2. Medical and Allied Professionals
  3. Scientist
  4. Teacher

These are only the main heads however, there are a number of sub-categories as well under the above mentioned heads which you can consult with an immigration lawyer in Toronto. You can go through the complete list of professions along with the sub-categories on the internet. You can find all the details here on the net.

Now that you know about the NAFTA treaty, you will be able to act accordingly if you have any such aspiration of working in Canada. For more information on the same, you can check the net or get in touch with an immigration lawyer in Toronto as mentioned before. read here more why people are immigrating to Canada for better prospects

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