How does child support enforcement in Ontario compare?

How does child support enforcement in Ontario compare?

Niren and Associates previously blogged about a new law (which came into effect on December 1st) that makes it possible for the cars of support payors who fall behind on their child support in Ontario to be impounded, which would in turn prevent the support payor from getting to work and making money to meet his or her monthly support obligations. This new enforcement method may appear to be counter-productive, but those who fail to pay child support in Ontario may not be the worst off.

In Australia, parents who fell behind on their child support payments will not be traveling for the holidays. According to Australian officials, those parents will be turned away at airports on the premise that if they have the money to travel, they should be able to make support payments. A similar rule went into effect in the country last year, and resulted in $3.3 million (Australian dollars) being paid right away.

Child support in Ontario vs. the United States

The state of Oklahoma recently arrested their “most wanted” person who has failed to pay child support – $63,000 over 11 years. Like the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, Oklahoma has an online public database of people who fail to pay child support that includes photos and biographical information and this database helped provide authorities with the location of this man. In Ohio, authorities have begun creating posters with information and photos of those who don’t pay child support, and these posters have even been posted on pizza boxes. What’s unique about these posters is that the amounts owed are right below the photos.

Sometimes, losing a job or a receiving reduction in pay can result in a change to your child support obligation. If you are having problems paying your child support in Ontario, speak to a family lawyer.

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