New and exciting alternative dispute resolution for divorcing couples?

Alternative dispute resolution instead of going to court

An article appeared in the Woodstock Sentinel-Review recently that showcased a “unique” and “different” way to resolve divorce issues.

The method? Mediation or alternative dispute resolution. It’s actually not new and it’s not unique. It is however, gaining in popularity because it puts both spouses in the “driver’s seat” and helps to reduce the backlog in the Ontario Family Court system by diverting cases that would otherwise go to court because of disagreements between the spouses. In turn, it costs the divorcing couple less money than a heated and time-consuming court battle. It can be an ideal option for divorce in almost any case, with the only real exceptions being situations where domestic abuse is involved.

Alternative dispute resolution with an Ontario family lawyer

Another interesting point with the article was it profiled a business in London that offered mediation and alternative dispute resolution services from someone with a “background in finance” – not a family law professional. While divorce can involve complicated financial issues, it also involves aspects of Ontario family law: child custody, spousal support, division of assets, prior legally-binding arrangements like prenuptial agreements as well as the different issues that apply to common-law marriage. Who would you rather have dealing with your alternative dispute resolution?

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