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5 Myths You Were Told By Family and Friends About Child Support

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1) There is no obligation to pay child support if the children stay 50-50 with the parents

This is not the case. Children spending more than 40% of the time in each parent’s house is referred to as shared parenting. In such cases, child support can vary from the child support guidelines. To determine child support obligations, each parent’s income should be determined, and the child support obligation should be set as per the Child Support Guidelines. The ‘set-off’ amount of child support is determined by subtracting the lower support payment from the higher payment. For instance:

Parent 1 obligation amount: $500

Parent 2 obligation amount: $250

Set-off support – parent 1 pays $250

The last step is to determine if the children’s standard of living will be similar at each parent’s house. This helps in changing the set-off support amount. TO understand more about the offset amount, family lawyers Richmond Hill are available in towns like Richmond Hill who can help with the calculations.

  1.   2) After sending income information, Family Responsibility Office (FRO) will change support payments and stop child support payments when the children reach the age of majority

This is not true. FRO do not have the authority to change the support being paid without an amending order, agreement, consent of both parties. Also, they don’t have the authority to re-evaluate child support obligations. If a parent’s child support obligation has ended, the recipient can file for withdrawal from FRO so that enforcement is ceased with immediate effect. To understand more about the role of FRO, contact a family lawyer near Richmond Hill.


  1.   3) Child support obligation changes as per the support recipient’s income 

This is true for most of the times. On the off chance that the children spend over 40% of their time in both the parent’s house, at that point a set-off of child support, as depicted above, might be suitable. On the off chance that the youngsters spend under 40% of their time with either parent, at that point, the primary caregiver’s wage does not influence child support. The support recipient’s pay is considered in deciding each parent’s commitment to the children’s section 7 for extraordinary expenses. These expenses are regularly paid proportionately to parent’s salary. The relation between the wage and support amount, consult a family lawyers Richmond Hill who can help with the intricacies.

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  1.   4) I, or a third-party, can control or screen how child support is spent. On the off chance that child support isn’t utilized to buy things straightforwardly for the children, I don’t need to pay

This is not true. Neither the support payor nor a third-party agency can control how child support is spent by the support recipient.

  1.   5) If my ex receives child support from another individual along with child tax benefit, this will reduce my obligation to pay child support

This is not true. If your ex receives child support from other individuals, this will not affect your obligation to pay support for your biological child. The amount of support paid to stepchildren might be affected if you are standing in the place of a parent i.e. Loco parentis. More on this can be consulted from family lawyers Richmond Hill.

As per the Child Support Guidelines, the support recipient’s receipt of child tax benefit has no effect on the obligation of the payor of the child support obligation. Family lawyers Richmond Hill available near towns like Richmond City can help you to understand your rights and obligations.


Few things about parental alienation in a divorce

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Every child is special for his parents and in the same manner, the child loves both his parents equally. It is very for him or her to select one between the two, but in the case of divorces, it becomes kind of compulsory. The situation can become even worse if any of the two parents try to manipulate the child by saying bad things about the other one. Here are a few things you need to know about parental alienation as suggested by Oakville divorce lawyer and the tips you should follow in order to protect yourself.

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Examples of such cases

When a couple decides to get a divorce, the person that got affected the most is their child. This not only changes the lifestyle of the child but his mental and physical state too. Worst happens when the child faces a manipulation from one parent. The mother or father tries to keep the child away and against the other parent. This is the weirdest situation as many divorce lawyer Oakville suggest, one can ever face in his or her life. Choosing between your parent is not just difficult, but next to impossible. These manipulative attacks can affect a child’s mind adversely.

Protective measures

The duty of a parent is to develop a special bond with his child so that at the time of need, the child does not have any hesitation while confessing things. There should not be any kind of fear or feeling of anxiety in them. They should feel free and should be comfortable in asking any question. You should always encourage them to speak openly and should not keep things in their mind that bothers them. This is very necessary to clear all the misunderstanding that the situation has created. If your child is speaking something bad about your ex, do not use this as an opportunity and rather clear things out. When such things happen the situations obviously is not good, but never lose your authority. This thing must be there in your child’s mind that even in the worst situations, his parents are still his guardians.

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What to do when you come to know about it?

This is very bad at a child’s part that he has to choose one from his parents, but no one can go against the laws. There is a possibility that your ex is trying to manipulate your child by simply speaking badly about you. If you will try to speak about this to your ex, this could turn out into a bad argumentative discussion, which obviously no one would like to indulge it. It is advisory to talk to your lawyer about such things. When you will bring this matter to your Oakville divorce lawyer’s knowledge, then he or she can suggest you the further steps to be taken. Your family lawyer can further bring this in the knowledge of court and maybe because of that the terms of parenting can be changed by the court. In a nutshell, we can say that if you really want to save your child from the bad influence of your ex, you must file a complaint against it in the court. One can hire a Oakville divorce lawyer in such a situation.

These were few of the things that one must be aware of parental alienation.