Family law advice

Family Law and Divorce Advice
Current and Respectful Legal Advice
It can be quite challenging to find a reliable lawyer and get proper family law advice, especially if you are involved in difficult separation or divorce.

Our lawyers understand what you are going through and we make sure you get the proper advice you need.

From your initial consultation onward, the family law advice you receive from one of our family lawyers will ensure your legal rights are protected and you will be given a full understanding of your specific financial and personal circumstances. Only by considering ALL aspects of your situation, can you achieve the best legal result.

Changing Family Laws Require Current Legal Advice
Family law in Ontario and Canada has evolved over the past few years to encompass many types of relationships and many different options for resolving divorce and separation disputes.

Depending on whether you are in a ‘traditional’, ‘common law’ or ‘same sex’ relationship, lawyers in Toronto can provide you with tailored family legal advice about:

prenuptial agreements;
separation agreements;
filing for divorce;
gaining child custody and access and child support;
your rights to spousal support;
the division of your family property
collaborative law;
various other family matters
Recession-Proof Your Separation and Divorce
A family lawyer can also provide advice about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options that will keep you out of court and possibly reduce the time and money involved in resolving your particular family matter.

ADR may not be suitable for everyone, but divorce mediation, arbitration and collaborative law approaches to family law are becoming the preferred course of action for many couples going through separation, divorce or other family law disputes.

Contact a lawyer for family law advice geared to your particular personal circumstances.