Family lawyer fees

Family Lawyer Fees
Recession-Proof your Separation and Divorce
The family lawyers at Family Law Practice believe that legal costs should not be a concern when dealing with your separation and divorce issues. We will work with you to manage your legal separation and divorce costs. During the current economic downturn, managing costs is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome. Our law firm is committed to proceeding with your divorce or separation in the most cost effective manner whether we pursue an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process such as collaborative law or appear in family court. Regardless of the legal procedure that we follow, careful attention to the costs involved will always be a priority. That is our “recession proof” promise to you!

Come in for a Consultation about your Situation
The initial consultation at Family Law Practice Family Lawyers in Toronto is $175.00. When you come in for your consultation, a family lawyer will assess your situation and outline a tailored, cost effective plan of action for you. All new clients require this initial legal consultation, which includes one hour with an experienced Family Lawyer as well as a written assessment outlining the estimated costs, legal rights, and recommended legal strategy for your family law matter. If you decide to retain our law firm, your consultion fee will be CREDITED towards the cost of your case with us.

Retainer Fees
STANDARD RETAINER: ¨Requires an initial deposit to start your case. The amount of the deposit will depend on the complexity of your family law matter outlined in your assessment (from your legal consultation). Additional funds may be required throughout the process for more contested and complex family matters.