Important Details About NAFTA Professionals That You Need To Know About

NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement is basically a mutual agreement which is signed between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It creates a trilateral trade bloc in North America. This particular came in action in the year 1994 on 1st January. This particular agreement among these three countries is, in fact, the largest free trade agreement. Having said that now let us explore some of the important details about NAFTA professionals.

About NAFTA Professionals

As already mentioned above the NAFTA professionals category is a mutual agreement that has been signed by the three main countries of the world. Based on the profession of an individual, he or she may have to provide his or her educational credentials or proof of work experience in the particular field. There are also certain requirements that the NAFTA professionals need to fulfill which can be discussed with an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

NAFTA professionals are required to have a pre-arranged service contract with or an employer in Canada in a field that matches with their educational qualification along with one of the eligible NAFTA professions. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that individuals who are willing to perform self-employed work in Canada are not considered to be eligible under this category. The requirements that are required to be met are discussed below. If you face any sort of trouble with this then you can also hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto to help you out.

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Requirements for NAFTA Professionals

NAFTA professionals who are willing to work in Canada are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The person needs to be a citizen of Mexico or the United
  2. The profession of the person should fall under the list of professions as prescribed by the NAFTA.
  3. The person needs to produce his qualification details in order to work in that particular profession. The person can produce his or her certificate or degree.
  4. The person is required to have a pre-arranged employment with a Canadian employer.
  5. A person should have a provision of professional level services in the field of qualification.
  6. A person also needs to meet the existing immigration requirements in order to gain temporary entry.

These are the main requirements that are required to be fulfilled by a NAFTA professional if he or she wants to work in Canada.

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NAFTA Professions

NAFTA professional work permits are going to be provided for the following professions:

  1. General
  2. Medical and Allied Professionals
  3. Scientist
  4. Teacher

These are only the main heads however, there are a number of sub-categories as well under the above mentioned heads which you can consult with an immigration lawyer in Toronto. You can go through the complete list of professions along with the sub-categories on the internet. You can find all the details here on the net.

Now that you know about the NAFTA treaty, you will be able to act accordingly if you have any such aspiration of working in Canada. For more information on the same, you can check the net or get in touch with an immigration lawyer in Toronto as mentioned before. read here more why people are immigrating to Canada for better prospects

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